I’m literally just chillin here patiently waiting for you to do something horrible to me. Can we get over this already? 🔫

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— Eric Hoffer

Whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working. You can’t win me over by attempting to beat me at my own game. Keep it up and I’ll just walk away. 👋

We can talk it good
How you wish it would be all the time

First attempt at the upside down French braid bun 🙈 #messyhair

SO STOKED FOR MY BIRTHDAY MONTH 💐🌿 & Coachella is only a part of it! 💕 #springbaby #aprilcomesooner

Others would be happy with what I have but I’m not happy with it

I don’t think I should feel bad for not wanting the same conventional bullshit

Like sorry for being unappreciative of something I don’t even like

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